rightabout_edited-9Laura Levites is a comedian, writer and actress from New York City.  She has appeared on Comedy Central, BBC radio, SiriusXM radio, and Twitter.  She has toured her stand up and one woman shows American Girlfriend and Selfhelpless both nationally and internationally.

Laura doesn’t tell jokes: her life is the joke.

Laura agrees with this description of her comedy “brilliantly observed, heart-breakingly honesty and quirky comedy with a heart bigger than it would care to admit.”

Laura is not on YouTube because she doesn’t have enough self-esteem to do shit like that but she’s working on it with her shrink.  If you want to see her go out and find her.  #SorryNotSorry

Currently Laura is performing around NYC nightly, finishing her book American Girlfriend, trying to write a really good script, working on a new one woman show, and she is trying to get herself to blog.

Laura is thinking about starting a podcast but that’s as far as it got.

As always, she is trying not to take her insanity personally.


      TheHerald      ThreeWeeksSelfhelplessRightSize_edited-2     spittakehopefully    The List

“Laura Levites is pretty awesome. And, quite importantly for a comedian, she’s very funny.” -ThreeWeeks
  “A very funny girl.” -The Skinny
“I have a feeling that this lady could be a major player in the near future.”-One4Review
“Levites is both lovable and crazy and her delivery and character is just as entertaining as her storytelling.”-BroadwayBaby.com
“It’s Levites disarming honesty an vivacious personality that inexorably captivates you, making you care for her and her story.”-The Examiner
“You’ll laugh loudly as you enjoy the scatty narrative of this woman’s hilarious journey of self discovery.”-StageWon
“Laura Levites is the kind of performer who invites you into their world and makes you feel as if she is not some stranger but a close friend telling you about herself.”-Edinburgh Theatre Review
“Laura Levites hits the stage like a neurotic hurricane of loss, laughs and loneliness.”-LA Theatre Review
“She is all razor sharp edges. She bathes you in spit fire. Laura Levites is definitely coming up the proverbial pike.”-Closer Magazine
“She’s a prime example of the growing influence of women in comedy, as she takes some of the worst experiences anyone can possibly have and finds the humor in them and fearlessly tells them as stories with meaningful subtext.” – Comediva


No shows booked at the moment.



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